Ancient Arts Aesthetics Offers Sugaring in the Waterloo Region

Hair Removal the Natural Way
Tired of rashes after having your legs or face waxed to remove unwanted hair? Worried about harsh chemicals on your skin?

For Women and Men
Try Ancient Arts Aesthetics. We remove body hair the natural way – through body sugaring. Whether you’re a man or a woman, our fast hair removal will leave you smooth, silky and feeling good about yourself.

How Fast?
For women, an entire Brazilian hair removal takes only 8-15 minutes and 20-30 minutes for men. And at Ancient Arts Aesthetics, our hours are flexible. We use Sugar of the Nile sugar paste, which is environmentally friendly and less painful than waxing.

Learn the Art of Sugaring
Our owner Susan, who has 17 years’ experience in body sugaring, even teaches courses. Would you like to learn the art of body sugaring? Contact us today!

The Tree of Life

Tree of Life
Just in case you were wondering...

Egyptian art is highly symbolic. A painting or sculpture was not meant to be a record. On most paintings of the Tree of Life, the birds represent the various stages of human life. Starting in the lower right-hand corner and proceeding counter-clockwise,

● The light grey bird symbolizes infancy.
● The red bird symbolizes childhood.
● The green bird symbolizes youth.
● The blue bird symbolizes adulthood.
● The orange bird symbolizes old age.

In ancient Egypt, the direction east was considered the direction of life because the sun rose in the east. West was the direction of death, of entering the underworld, because the sun set in the west. They believed that during the night, the sun traveled through the underworld to make its way back to the east so it could rise in the east again on the next day.

On the Tree of Life, note that the birds representing the first 4 phases of life all face to the east, but the bird representing old age faces to the west, anticipating the approach of death.

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